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Resume verification

What is a resume verification (CV)?

The curriculum vitae, more commonly known as resume, is a document detailing the education and the chronological professional background of an individual.

Verification of a Curriculum Vitae therefore consists of carrying out a preliminary investigation before hiring in order to ascertain that a candidate or a future employee has all the diplomas and the professional background that are reported in the resume.

Who can initiate a resume verification?

An employer or future employer can call on a private detective to verify the authenticity of a CV of a future employee or associate.

The profiles presented on professional social networks (like linkedin or Viadeo) often turn out to be fake or heavily exagerated.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in a resume verification file?

The private detective has the possibility of implementing various means of control such as the administrative investigation, the collection of testimonies from former employers or employees, a field and or neighborhood investigation.

The collection of evidence and information by our professionnal investigators is always carried out with the full respect of the law and our code of ethics.

Why calling on a private investigator in a resume verification?

Calling on a private detective will allow the future employer to remove doubts about the veracity of the job candidate’s career background. The investigations carried out by the private detective will make it possible to verify and validate the chronology of the candidate professional, to check the authenticity of his diplomas and his skills, and access to open sources informations. Those elements will be useful to the future employer and will allow him to make the right decision in a hiring procedure.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigators agency in a resume verification file?

A fixed cost of between 350 and 500 euros ( sales tax may applied) will be necessary to carry out those verifications . The price will depend on the complexity of the file. This intervention is an investment for the employer, it will help him to avoid bad surprises and complicated situations Do not hesitate to contact our agency to obtain a detailed quote.


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