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Private detective agency in Paris

Rely on real experts in evidence gathering.

Agora Détectives is a private detective agency authorised to operate by the CNAPS and has been based in Paris since 2009. Our expertise in tailing, surveillance and obtaining information is recognised throughout France.

About us

Our private detective agency

Private detective agency in Paris

Our Philosophy

A Professional private investigators agency

Passionate about the legal profession in general, curious by nature, attentive and pugnacious, Anthony CAUDAL – a detective approved by the Ministry of the Interior since 2009 – created the Agora Détectives firm in Paris and operates throughout France and internationally.

Tailored made solutions

Providing solutions to the evidence needs of its clients, the added value of Agora Detectives is based on trust and legitimacy in the field of investigation.

Involvement in every case

Each client is unique and each case is unique. This uniqueness, which is always new, requires strong and authentic commitments. A necessary mastery of each situation.

A wealth of experience in the field

Anthony CAUDAL offers his clients a wealth of professional experience in the field of investigation, acquired over the last ten years with an increasingly large and varied clientele.

Legal expertise

Because the agency does specialize in private and commercial law investigations, Agora Détectives has all the credential to collect informations and proof that can be used in front of the competent jurisdiction.

Moral and ethical commitment

Prioritising our relation with our clients we always emphasize on Agora Détectives founded values : listening, seriousness, availability, curiosity, moral commitment and ethics.

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