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Fraude aux assurances
Faux préjudice corporel

Insurance companies hire private investigation agencies on a regular basis.

Quiet often private insurance companies will hire a private investigator to clarify the circumstances of a claim or to find out the beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance contracts.

Insurance Fraud:

In most cases, the private detective intervenes following the conclusions of an expert. The expert verifies the circumstances and assesses the extent of the damage suffered. In the event of anomalies or doubts as to the good faith of the insured, an investigation may be carried out.

Insurance fraud is a criminal offense which implies that a scheme was initially set up by the insured to collect money from the insurer.

In this case, the offense was planned , scheduled and controlled by the insured. There is therefore a fraudulent act to the contract previously signed between the two parties. The private detective will be able to collect relevant evidences and explain how the fraud was carried out.

The evidences will be gathered and compiled in a detailed report that can be used in front of the competent court.

Search for beneficiaries of life insurance contracts:

In addition, since 2016, insurance companies have been required by law to search for the heirs and beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance contracts.

Our skills in genealogical research will allow us to assist you with great care and professionalism on this type of files. Administrative and field investigations will be conducted in order to locate the legal beneficiaries , whether they are located in France or abroad.

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