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Détournement de clientèle
Préparation de dépôt de plainte
Clause de non-concurrence
Marque et brevet
Client mystère
Concurrence déloyale
Preuves et constats en contrefaçon
Négociation ou arbitrage

Unfair competition : A company should sollicitate a private investigator

In the context of competition, our agency may intervene for various reasons .

Cases :

  • in the event of unfair competition,
  • in the event of misappropriation of customers,
  • in the event of a violation non-competition clause,
  • in the event of counterfeiting,
  • in the event of non-compliance with trademarks and patents.

The main purpose of those investigations is to protect the company from unfair competition and its harmful effects .

We can also act as a mystery shopper to carry out other verifications. Because we will be in in total immersion inside the company and our observations will be more accurate.

We can also assist you in preparing to file a complaint in order to help you build a solid case. When competition is no longer respected, a complaint can be filed by the prejudiced party. This is specially the case when one company deliberately diverts customers from another. In this type of situation, our agents will highlight the misappropriation of customers by providing solid and tangible evidence.

The evidence collected by our evidence professionals will be recorded in an official report and will therefore be usable before the competent court.

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