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Family matters

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Abus de faiblesse
Prestation compensatoire
Garde d'enfant
Parent biologique
Surveillance d’enfants mineurs
Dérives sectaires
Enlèvement parental
Litiges successoraux
Recherche familiale

Each family presents has its own characteristics and difficulties. Private detectives intervene on family matters for many reasons.

Here are some cases when hiring a private investigator can be very useful and relevant:

  • Within the context of unpaid child support, the detective can for example check the solvency of the parent,
  • Within the context of a reduced child support or alimony the investigator can check whether the situation of the provider has really changed,
  • Within the context of an abuse of weakness on a member of a family, the detective can prove the abuse and this will put an end to it,
  • To search for one of the family member  :a father who has abandoned his family , a mother forced to flee, a brother who left home at a very young age and does not contact his family any longer…
  • To put under surveillance a minor when a child falls in with the wrong crowd,
  • Within a context of sectarian aberrations concerning one of his relatives…

This list is not exhaustive and we will set up a strategy according to the case . It is essential to know that the private detective will adapt himself to the needs and expectations of each person.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any doubts on a family matter that you are dealing with, we will review your case with great care and advice you.

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