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Récupération de données
Logiciels espions
Détection d’écoute, micro et caméra espion

Technological advance will lead to increasing threats for companies

Agora Detectives can assist your company on a IT issues.

It happens that companies are directly spied on from the inside through sophisticated spyware. This software is not directly visible by the user and requires the intervention of professionals to be discovered. Our agents are able to identify those type of software and thus protect your most confidential data.

Moreover, it happens that some companies feel like they are being spied on. Those doubts and perceptions are not to be ignored. Indeed, today, corporate espionage is everywhere. We can detect hidden cameras and microphones for any company that feels monitored. Those interventions will rule out, or confirm if your company is under surveillance.

We are also able to help you recover lost data. Important files can be lost, and our intervention will allow you to recover it.

Hire a private detective agency offers many advantages for a company and will be a real asset.

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