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The Agora Detectives agency has been run by Anthony CAUDAL since 2009.

Anthony CAUDAL – A graduated and highly trained detective

As a law student at the University of Montpellier he earned a degree in criminal sciences. He attended in the city of Nîmes special courses to become a private investigator

After earning his Professional Private Research License from the Nîmes University in 2008, he completed his professional training through internship working for private investigators agency like Aumaction and Aaron Invest Company (Paris and Nogent-sur-Marne ) led by the famous private detective Elie COHEN, a private investigator with more than 30 years of experience in the field of investigation in Paris.

Anthony CAUDAL – An independent private investigator

In 2009, he started his first private investigator agency.

Created in 2009, his first private investigation agency is first in. He registers the domain name and operates under the trade name of Agora Detectives.

He has been working as an independent private detective from his Paris Office since October 10, 2009, the date on which he got the administrative authorization to exercice his profession.

As an independant private investigator he has been able to offer the best rates to its customers and be very responsive and giving special care to urgent request.

The profession of detective requires strong calpabilities to adapt on all types of situation and a long investigation working on a file of counterfeiting abroad (in Italy), lead him to become an expert in surveillance and tailing , working with a team of professionals beeing they were able to track down several networks of counterfeiters in the luxury industry.

After getting experience in-depth investigation, Anthony CAUDAL returned to Paris and focused on mainly developing a clientele made up of individuals (divorce files, separation, alimony, compensatory allowance, etc.), corporations (unfair competition, breach of non-competition clause, abusive work stoppage…) and in collaboration with legal professionals (compiling evidences to file a complaint, solvency investigation…). Keeping on building up a private and corporate clientele , handling more and more cases.

From an independant investigator to starting his own agency

The number of surveillance and tailing missions increased significantly, and it was time to change the structure by creating a Limited Liability Company with other independent professionals mainly to invest in state-of-the-art equipment (cameras, equipped car, motorcycle equipped with spy cameras …).

The agency was based in Paris right next to Parc Monceau and the metro station “Courcelles”, at 39, rue de Chazelles, in the 17th arrondissement.

This prime location of the agency just 10 minutes away walking distance from the Arc de Triomphe, help to build a loyal and exclusive clientele.

In 2011, Mr. Pascal DUPONT, an independent private detective specialized in researching people born under “X”, joined the company. He is also an independent screenwriter and brings great expertise acquired through his renowned law training at Paris Assas University.

Élisabeth BADOULES joined the company in 2012, she is a specialist in insurance investigations, certified ALFA (Agency specialized to Fight against Insurance Fraud), experienced investigator trained at IFAR (Institut de Formation Agent de Recherche) by Yves CONVERSANO, a renowned detective from the city of Montpellier.

Her expertise, discipline and editorial skills gives her an edge in the collection of official information and gathering testimonies in compliance with the article 202 of the civil procedure (the reference to gather testimonies).

A national network “Prometheus Detectives”

In association with Denissa MANOVELLI (Fox Detectives Neuilly), Mathieu LEBER (Fox Detectives Paris) and Guillaume POUILLIER (First Detective), Anthony CAUDAL (SARL AGORA Detectives), joined other independent agencies to create a national network of French detectives.

This network of investigators will pool skills and expertise and involve specialists in field investigations (tailing with a motorcycle or car) and administrative investigations (solvency, search for biological parents or debtors research, etc.).

In 2018, Prometheus Detectives , when Alain ROUSSEAU retired , bought his agency located in Bordeaux . Alain ROUSSEAU was a private detective with years of experience and specialized in criminal counter-investigations. He was collaborating with a network of lawyers, genealogists and legal experts.

Agora Detectives is buying the trade name "RIF Detective"

RIF Détectives is a well-known and respected private investigator agency based in Paris since 2003. The founder, Bastien MEURANT got involved in other business activities , and consequently the business and its trade name were taken over by Agora Détectives.

The RIF private investigator agency intervenes 7 days a week 24 hours a day all over France on behalf of individuals an businesses on matters relating to commercial law, business law and civil law (mainly in family law).

The direction of investigations is now provided by a new generation of private investigators who attended courses in one of the schools recognized by the RNCP and approved by the CNAPS.

RIF Détective Privé is one of the most prestigious name today among professional private detective agencies in Paris and its region (Île-de-France).

Experienced detectives

  • We work with private investigators all over the world, mainly from the WAD and WAPI detectives associations . Our network guarantees professionalism in each country where we have associates.
  • All over France we do collaborate with professional detectives, most of whom are members of the main private investigators unions CNSP-ARP and SNARP. Our teams of independent collaborators attended mandatory training and have been approved and authorized to practice their profession by CNAPS.
    Note: The CNAPS is an administrative police service attached to the interior ministry
  • We will make sure that everything is in order when we work with subcontractors (establishing a contract, yearly check of their professional insurance, up to date on social security taxes contributions, authorizations in good standing , etc.).
  • Professional secrecy will always be guaranteed in order to preserve the interests of out clients and to protect the privacy of the people involved in our investigations.

Investigators trainees

Every year, we welcome new trainees in the agency.

This is a real opportunity for us because we are welcoming young and passionate detectives . This allow us to always be updated on the latest legal and technics advances in the profession.

It is also a real opportunity for the trainees because we will share our professional experience and know-how with them.

Private detective trainees come from the three following training courses:

  • the Nîmes Vauban university
  • the Paris Assas university
  • the ESARP private school

Today most of the new trainees come from the ESARP which offers the best education to become a private investigator.

Many detectives after completing their internship with our agency started their own investigation agency ( Among them Nicolas BILBAO from Visiopole, Elise Cortyl from Enigma Investigations and Juliette Larçon from the Epsylon Agency.).


In order to get the best results in our investigations, we have to use sophisticated technical tools.

A professional private investigator cannnot be efficient without the right equipment.
Apart from the IT part, the three tools we use the most in our investigations are:

The shooting equipment

No good report without the right tool:

  • The latest generation of mobile phone.
  • Suitable cameras, small ,high quality with a powerful zoom.
  • Customized high-performance cameras with fast focusing (often used on film mode with the goal not to miss anything).
  • Image capture devices such as discrete camera buttons.

Using these tools allows us to produce accurate and full detailed reports. Our team will be regularly informed on the latest technology and Agora Detective always invest on sophisticated devices and products.

Cars, vans and motorcycle

In order to carry out effective tailing and surveillance, our agency has chosen to invest in all types vehicles:

  • Unmarked cars. The vehicles will be adapted to the environment and the mission.
  • Surveillance vans with tinted windows.
  • high-performance motorcycles or scooters.

Therefore, we can deal with every situations.

Detecting equipment

Our agency has invested in effective spyware detection processes. We can realize:

  • Private residence or offices spy devices detection such as (camera, spy microphone, telephone sheathing, dummy ceiling, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Detection of vehicle listening devices and geolocation systems (GPS tracker, etc.).

Our interventions are carried out with full discretion, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A full detailed and chronological report will be issued and could be used for judicial purpose either for commercial or civil issues.

Do not hesitate to contact us, for a free estimate.