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Faux parcours professionnel
Enquête de moralité d'un futur associé
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Détournement de clientèle
Antécédents judiciaires
Contrôle de franchises
Négociation arbitrage

Starting a business with an individual is like a wedding engagement . You will spend most of your day with your partner and discuss financial issues all the time.

Before starting a partnership , it is essential to know each other very well. Just like when you get married… see more! In case of disagreement, the adventure can becomes a real problem and can end up in court.

Hiring a private investigation agency before initiating the business is a real good idea:

In order to avoid many disappointments, investigations can be carried out with discretion in order to verify important information concerning a future partner.

Our detective agency will be able, for example, to ensure:

  • the veracity of the professional background of your potential partner,
  • to check his criminal record ( take note that in France private investigators cannot access police or gendarmerie data and files but we can investigate court decisions that can be consulted through extensive research work)
  • to carry out a morality investigation in order to avoid any disappointment,
  • to investigate on other potential associates and to find out about the termination of the business association.

Those verifications are simple but require a good organization and will allow you to start your business partnership with trust and confidence.

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