Agora Détectives

Employer / Employee

Vol de marchandise
Arrêt de travail abusif
Contrôle de l’activité des salariés
Clause de non-concurrence
Préparation de constat d’huissier

We are investigating more and more cases regarding companies and their employees

Indeed, the stakes are high and being able to provide proof of damage is a necessity for employers .

Jurisprudence has evolved positively in recent years, but it also depends on the courts that will rule on a decision .

The decision of hiring a private detective will depend on the problem encountered

If the file concerns criminal law or commercial law, the task for the detective to obtain evidences will be easier . When private investigators are working on a labor law case, the strategy will be different to ensure tha the evidence is legal and legitimate. The judge will be more attentive to the fairness and balance of our investigation report.

Thus, we intervene with companies mainly in order to validate evidence on following files:

  • theft of goods,
  • abusive work stoppage,
  • activity control and timetable verification,
  • violation of non-competition clause,
  • concealed work,
  • harassment within the company,
  • bailiff’s reports preparation in accordance of the Order 145

The order 145 is a permission delivered by a judge that will allow a bailiff to search for evidences harmful to the petitioner.

It is essential to specify that our agents are always investigating in fair and proportionate manner. We will always investigate with the full respect take care of the employees privacy .

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