Agora Détectives

Private detective in Paris & Ile de France

The private detective in Paris and in France has an authorization and the agreement to intervene all over France. But in some cases, we can also travel in foreign countries depending on the case.

Our main activity is located in the Paris region for several reasons:

  • The head office of Agora Détectives is located in Paris at 93, avenue Kléber.
  • The Paris region is a very important economic hub.
  • The population in the region Ile de France is growing.
  • The divorce rate is higher than the national average.

A fast growing Parisian detective agency

At the very beginning , Agora Detectives was a local Parisian private investigation company, but with a national and international dimension , particularly due to the diversity of the population that makes up the Île-de-France region.

Indeed, our professional activity had to adapt with the Parisian clientele essentially made up of new residents mooving from all over France, Europe or even from around the world.

Our offices are located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris,right at the corner from Place du Trocadéro (between the line 6 metro stations “Trocadéro” and “Boissière”). A great central location for private detectives in Paris, just minutes away from the business district of La Défense, the Avenue des Champs Élysées or the Opéra district.

The city of Paris is the cradle of the private detectives profession , the first known private investigator is the famous Vidocq, the one who inspired Victor Hugo for Jean Valjean.

Our firm has the advantage to be able to collaborate with the main independent detectives in Paris and Île-de-France, in particular those located in the following departments:

  • Detective agency in Paris (75)
  • Detective agency in Seine-et-Marne (77)
  • Detective agency in Yvelines (78)
  • Detective agency in Essonne (91)
  • Detective agency in Hauts-de-Seine (92)
  • Detective agency in Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
  • Detective agency in Val-de-Marne (94)

The strength of our detectives: a perfect knowlege of the territory

Our long years of experience in the field of search for evidence have enabled us to adapt ourselves to the specific conditions when tailing an individual and conduct surveillance in the challenging urban environment of Paris.

We are exposed daily to every type of tailing missions:

Tailing on foot also called “pedestrian tailing”

(mainly around offices or homes, by metro, buses, tram or regional trains within the Transilien network ) .Our agents do carry the monthly Navigo transportation Pass which guarantees reasonable prices because we do not pass those costs to our customers.

Tailing by car or van

Those means of transportation are ideal when it rains or in neighborhoods where a motorcycle is not the best tool for a hideout. All our vehicles have the Crit’Air Professional sticker, which meet the environmental standards, and allows us to drive during a period of a pollution peak in Paris when the trafic is regulated by the authorities.

Tailing on two wheels

In Paris, getting around is sometimes a headache. It is important to be able to adapt ourselves to the situation , using when unavoidable, electric moped or bicycles, scooters or motorcycles. Indeed, when the loop is completely saturated with heavy trafic a detective riding a motorcycle has more chances to be succesfull in a tailing mission. A case that is quickly solved will guarantee a lower and competitive price to the customer.

Tailing using a drone, helicopter or boat

All this is not yet possible for the agents of Agora Detectives. We have already been asked the question, each file being unique, obviously out of context, it may seem special.

We are neither trained nor authorized to exercise the profession of private detective like in a James Bond moovie , the evidence we seek and collect must always be compiled using appropriate means of investigation avoiding risky situation always with respect of the ethic code.

We will not accept those type of request but we always find an alternative to adapt ourselves to the case the best we can in order to satisfy our kind customers.

Arrivals or departures from Ile-de-France train stations and airports

We are exposed on a regular basis to those cases , and this is why we have become experts in this very challenging field.

In fact, surveillance for a detective is different from surveillance by a police department or agents of the DGSI( french secret services). We do not have the same rights and prerogatives.

However, in airports such as Orly or Roissy Charles De Gaulle, the set up of the premises and the new health or safety standards make it more complicated .
We must be discreet operating in this environment (taxis, the various security services or even the people we have to follow), we must also take pictures or shoot videos and keeping on focused on our objectives. This is why we must work with at least two people when carrying out a mission at the airport.

We can offer special packages for those specific cases to optimize the chances of achieving our missions with success and keep our prices reasonable and competitive.

As far as train stations , the conditions have also changed considerably over the past few years, and this become more challenging wearing a mask against Covid 19, going through security gates before boarding on the the train or even the dematerialization of train tickets.

For more information on our private detective interventions in Paris and Île-de-France, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone if your request is urgent.

Our prices will always be adapted to the mission and its challenges.

Our experience will allow us to evaluate your case and offer the best rates