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Although historically local and public administrations do not solicitate the service of a private detective, we have noticed, in recent years, that it has evolving and that mentalities are changing.

Indeed, more and more detectives are working with administrations and communities. This is explained in particular by the fact that the public sector is affected by the same problems as the private sector:

  • fraudulent sick leave,
  • unauthorized second job or business activity,
  • violation of confidentiality,
  • violation of professional secrecy,
  • misappropriation or usage of corporate assets,
  • illegal dumping in a public place,
  • kickbacks.

Here are the cases when a professional investigator can intervene for local and public administrations.

Within the working environment of civil servants the freedom of proof is wider and the concept of civil servants’ life is less restricted than in the private sector because civil servants have a status of allegiance and loyalty, they have taken an oath and must also respect a code of ethics.

Elected officials are also not spared and the fraud reported by them is more and more frequent.

It is important to specify that the private detective is an expert in collecting proof Thus, the elements are collected in strict compliance with the legislation. The detective will investigate with caution. Our team will always make sure that the privacy of employees is respected.

At the end of our investigations, a full detailed, chronological and accurate report will be issued to you. Our reports are written by certified investigators, so that they can be used in front of a court of law.

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