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Marital problems

Enquête prénuptiale
Arnaque aux sentiments

If you are experiencing common marital problems our private investigators agency can help you.

Thus, we can for example help you to compile your files in the event of divorce. Whether in the context of a divorce for fault or a divorce by mutual consent, it is sometimes necessary to collect evidence in order to assert your rights. We can then assist you and work in close collaboration with your lawyers.

It also happens that a marital separation requires the help of a private detective. These interventions can be useful to defend your rights or to protect your children. Our professionals will assist you in those crucial life stages which are often painful and difficult.

The private detective can also assist you in a case of a romantic relationship. In order to protect oneself or a third party, a prenuptial investigation or a morality investigation can be carried out. These interventions will prevent you to engage yourself in a complicated situation. The sentimental commitment, through a marriage, a PACS ( civil partnership ) or domestic parnership, is a lifetime decision. It is sometimes necessary to clarify and validate certain points in order to be conforted and engage yourself in a commitment.

We are currently seeing a significant increase in romance scams. Blinded by their feelings, some people do not see the hypocrisy of their spouse or partner. In such a case, it will be helpfull to hire a private investigator that will bring answers , and open your eyes.

The intervention of a detective that will collect relevant evidences will allow to become aware of the romantic scam. It is sometimes more difficult to believe our loved ones than a professional investigator.

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