Agora Détectives

Private detective outside the European Union

An international private detective network

Our private investigation firm holds a mandatory authorization and approval in France to operate all over the national territory. Nevertheless, in certain specific cases, we can also travel in foreign countries depending on the files.

In some countries, we cannot intervene directly because the legislation in force does not allow to do it, so we have a large network of private detectives ready to respond to our requests as intermediary.

The main network of private investigators is the W.A.D. (World Association of Detectives).

Each member of this association is a recognized and certified professional in his country. Extensive checks up are carried on each applicant to become a member.

We are also member of the detective association : WAPI.

List of the main countries in which we have at least one professional private detective partner in the world:

  1. North America (Detectives in the USA in the main cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami or Dallas and in CANADA in the French-speaking but also English-speaking part).
  2. South America (Detectives in Brazil, Argentina ,Chile, Colombia).
  3. Central America (Detectives in Costa Rica and Mexico).
  4. Asia and Middle East (Investigation may be conducted in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand).
  5. Africa (Detectives in Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal, Cameroon and Benin).
  6. Oceania (Detectives in Australia and New Zealand).

Each case is unique, and each country having its own legislation, it is necessary before each intervention to transmit all the important and relevant information to issue a detailed estimate.

Our partners abroad will generally ask to be paid before starting the missions.
Rates can vary from simple to double depending on the country because the same cases are handled differently.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our international rates, we will provide you with a free estimate.