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Real estate

Bail 1948
Recherche d'héritiers
Trouble de voisinage
Recherche de coordonnées
Enquête de solvabilité
 vente immobilière
Analyse de dossier de locataire

The expertise of our private investigators will help you in solving many of your problems on real estate cases.

We can intervene particulary on those cases:

  • Heir search,
  • Property owner search,
  • Lot or land parcel owner search,
  • Tenants screening : administrative files,
  • Subleasing case (announcement by le bon coin or Airbnb, lease 1948 …)
  • Neighborhood nuisances and disturbances

We can then act simultaneously with a commissioner of justice (formerly bailiff). Indeed, since July 1, 2022, bailiffs and judicial auctioneers became commissioners of justice.

A full detailed report will be issued to you by our agency . Our investigation reports are receivable in front of a court of law.

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