Agora Détectives

Private detective in France

We are conducting investigations all over France for several reasons:

  • Private or professional issues do not remain within a restricted perimeter. We must intervene all over France.
  • Our network of investigators is national thanks to more than 10 years experience in the field.
  • Anthony CAUDAL, the director of the private detective agency “Agora Détectives” has been the national secretary of the CNSP-ARP union since 2019. He has also been a member of the union since 2009.

Our main missions in France are:

  • Personal search (search for biological parents, search for debtors, search for grandparents, search for missing persons…).
  • Search for legal evidence (search of solvency, search of heritage, morality investigation on future partners…).
  • Tailing and surveillance ( counter surveillance , undeclared or unauthorized business or professionnal activity , unfair competition, proof of counterfeiting, theft of goods, etc.).

The main French regions where our detective agency operates are:

  • Private Investigator Paris & Ile-de-France
  • Private Investigator Occitanie
  • Private Investigator New Aquitaine
  • Private Investigator Provence Alpes Côte D’Azur
  • Private Investigator Auvergne Rhône Alpes
  • Private Investigator Brittany