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How to succeed going undercover in a company?

What is a corporate infiltration?

When we talk about going undercover, most people will have a bad perception. But on a business point of view it is often the right choice . Infiltration can help to dismantle an organized group of thieves inside a company, a perverted harasser, a blackmailer puting pressure on employees and trying to radicalize them, or an employee leaking confidential informations to competitors!

Going undercover inside the premises of a company is an action of bringing an investigator (quiet often a female investigator) inside a company to observe , witness and report in total discretion what is happening at the work place.

The detective “infiltrates” a company as part of an investigation on behalf of his client who needs to understand certain issues related to behaviors and actions within his organization. The goal is not spying on its employees, but rather to detect potential losses, fraudulent acts or deviant behavior through observation by a team of professionals.

The undercover agent inside the company must generally impersonate a new employee within the client’s company in order to achieve the mission.

An infiltration must be well prepared and only last for a time period. The private investigator will have to feel confortable with the mission and the job. He will be able to perform the assigned duties without raising any doubts or suspicions from other employees.

Infiltration en entreprise

When does an infiltration should be considered?

Going undercover in a company can be done only on a certain number of specific cases, in order to fight against:

– Spying in a company: industrial counter-espionage is implemented to fight against spying inside a firm and identify the perpetrators and the nature of their actions . It is very difficult to identify employees leaking information. The investigation is long and must be carried out methodically.

– Unfair competition: unfair competition is a commercial practice intended to harm and eliminate competitors by using illegal means . Illegal methods will be used inside the competitor’s company to disturb the internal functioning of the company
Theft and unknown shrinkage: an internal theft is a violation that is carried out by an employee in his own company. Quiet often, employees take advantage of certain flaws like security guards and surveillance cameras not be placed at the right place. The methods of internal thieves are more sophisticated and costly than when the thieves are coming from outside. Sometimes, large-scale thefts are very well organized prepared from within the company.

– Harassment at the workplace: can also be found through the investigation of an undercover detective. Harassment can be:

  • Moral: An employee beeing the victim of moral harasment from his manager or co worker is a behavior that will degrade living and / or working conditions through gestures, derogatory remarks, insults, criticisms, or humiliation, which tend to be repeated. This behavior will psychological or physical damage for the victim.
  • Sexual: sexual harassment is very difficult to prove, it is an act of repeatedly subjecting a person to comments or behavior of a sexual or sexist nature. This act violates the dignity of the person and can create an intimidating or outrageous situation for the victim. In general, offenders are often narcissistic perverts, manipulators and will blame the victim for “exaggerating”.
Harcèlement sexuel en entreprise

What are the goals of corporate infiltration?

In summary, going undercover in a company is a very sensitive field operation to achieve special results.

Observing, listening, hearing, transcribing… are the main goals of corporate infiltration.

Always in full respect of the laws related to individual privates life

The methodology for a successful corporate infiltration is a step by step process:

– The preparation: first of all, a review and analyze of the case will be carried out for the detective to be hired inside the company as an employee with the right job profile. It is crucial to convince the other employees that the « person » is a real employee who has been hired by the company for a specific need and duration. It will begin by a very carefully created background called a “Legend”. Few people should be aware of the process, the site manager, the human resources manager and the security manager.

– The investigation: the collection of information and intelligence will allow the purpose of the mission to be carried out, while carrying out the tasks actually assigned to it within the company. The most valuable information will be confidential reports, internal memos and discussions of personal information that can serve the intended goals (method of theft, rumors, former victim, gossip , suspicion of radicalization, etc.). The main quality of the private detective will be to listen without judging! He will have to memorize and transcribe the smallest details . Some of those details may become decisive as the investigation progresses.

– Exfiltration: Once the mission achieved the exit of the employee from the company must be carried out in a credible manner . The best exfiltration is the one planned at the time of hiring. The issue is that , everyone must say to themselves, “he or she was hired only for a short period of time, nothing suspicious that he or she leaves the company “.

The report: finally, the evidence compiled during an infiltration will be transcribed in a report, which will lead to a complaint filing , or will be used to serve the interest of the plaintif in court . Only relevant information will be on the report.

Rédaction compte rendu

The private investigator will not reveal his true position, the purpose of the mission and be able to observe an gather information ,always with the intention to defend the interests of the client.

Those elements will make the infiltration legal . This type of operation requires sensitivity , patience and creativity.

Every undercover mission is unique, each agent infiltrated within the company must be able to adapt himself or herself to all type of situations. The goal is not to deceive or manipulate, but to blend in, listen, and create social ties, without overdoing it.
Indeed, relationships that are too friendly will lead to complicated situations.

Do not hesitate to contact Agora Detectives. We will review and analyze your case and will provide you with an accurate quote tailored to your needs and budget.

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