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Fraud on insurance

What are the key figures for insurance fraud in France for the year 2020?

It comes close to 360 million euros of fraud identified in “fires, accidents and various risks” files in 2020 according to the figures provided by the Alfa association (Agency in charge of Fight against Insurance Fraud).

This association supports insurers in their fight against fraud and abuse related to this trend.

Anthony CAUDAL, the director of AGORA DETECTIVES SARL agency holds the ALFA Pre-certification:

Our investigation firm is pre-certified ALFA and has joined the program for full certification since December 2021.

Our calpabilities and skills

The detective’s role in a fraud detection’ s case is to provide sets of evidences and proof to prove the fraud or attempted fraud.

As a private investigation professional, our expertise is a real asset for insurance companies.

We are able to carry out, at the request of companies and health insurance companies, all the ins and outs of the investigation, including:

  • Verification of the truth on the declaration made when subscribing to the insurance contract.
  • Thoroughly study the circumstances and the conditions of the accident (travel on site, collecting testimonies and search for details, photos, administrative documents related to the case.
  • Verification of all the documents presented by the insured ( invoices, certificate, testimonies, etc.) to detect any discripancies.
  • Obtaining documents (invoices, convincing and conclusive pictures photographs, reports issued by specialists, companies registrations, hospital reports, etc.).
  • Compiled certificates 202.
  • Search for legal evidence.
  • Search for people and witnesses.
  • Site and people monitoring.

Our expertise

  • Fraud investigation and training experience.
  • Fraud detections and related offenses.
  • In-depth investigations.
  • Official detailed investigation report.

The time for an investigation will always be adapted to the case.

  • We will always adapt the time according to the time according to the complexity of the case.

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