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New partner: a “small” investigation is needed

Planning to have a new partner is not only a decision based on financial considerations but also a personnal investment . You need to be cautious.

When you want to bring a new partner as part as a new business or an existing company it can be very useful to sollicitate a private investigator agency to avoid conflicting situations .

An engaging choice

Bringing a new partner is not a decision that should not be taken lightly . It could be a very good strategy for the development of the business. Indeed when several people have financial obligations toward a company they have financial obligations toward the company, they share a common goal :To promote growth and investments.

Partnership has other advantages .Access to business skills and technical knowledge of the other associates.In order for the partnership to run smoothly you must ensure that the new partner meet your financial and personal criterias .

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Sharing the same values

Trust, ethics and personality are the most important point that you should consider before getting into a new parnership.

Beware of a potential ew partner that will pretend to have skills that he does not have or client files that does not exist.

You have to asses all the risks and assume . If your future partner has already been involved in a criminal proceedings, this will prevent your company from obtaining licences or authorizations. A tax issue on his side could impact your business as well.

If you select the wrong partner it can lead to conflicts and a legal battle , which will inevitably lead to financial damages and a waste of time for the development of the business.

The partnership will be a failure.

This is why a background check is necessary on your future partner or a business with who you want to seal a business relationship.
Indeed financial stakes are often very high.

Professionnal background check

The private investigator agency will assist you on the key points ( beyond analyzing his career on his Linkedin page).

You need to protect yourself and the reputation of your business. Pro active measures must be taken so that you can assure yourself that the business partnership will be transparent and takes place under the best conditions.

If the new partner has a history of harassing his staff, subcontractors , and collaborators , you need to know before comitting yourself in a new association.
Our expertise will help you to analyse a fake CV.


Check the financial background

Buying, or expanding an existing business is valuable way to increase you cash flow .
So it is very important to know that your new partner will have the funds to invest when time comes.

A financial background check may reveal a bad financial situation or issues such as : Bad credit , bankrupcy, pending lawsuit or legal history are important points that could prevent you from going further with a partnership.

Knowing this information will also allow you to bring up those issues to see if he is deliberatly hiding it and lying.

Trust does not exclude to control

Beware that scammers will play on your feelings and good faith.

Trusting your partner is essential and it must be reciporocal . If the future partner does not tell you the truth or clear explanations if you have doubts you cannot go on your project.

In order to maintain a good relation , you can tell your future partner that you need to proceed on background checks and encourage him to do the same thing for you.
Of course the checks cannot violate the privacy of the other partner.

Also some people in order to introduce themselves may omit certain elements in their professionnal career or amplify certain skills.

It is important to distinguish between lying and omission. Tolerance is acceptable as long as i twill will not jeopardize the partnership in the future.

A long term vision

A long term business strategy is the key to success.

Does your future partner has the same vision than you? Has your future partner ever been involved in a business, investment or personal issue that does not meet your ethical standards?

If it is the case , this should sound like an alarm to you. It could harm the reputation and profitability of your business.

An OSINT investigation can be effective in finding out more about the interest , values and habits of your future partner.

Before comitting yourself, it is very important to know for example if your future partner has ever played a role in the management of a bankrupt company or in the process of payment defaulting to a supplier?

Is he still a stakeholder , especially if the company is facing commercial and legal problems? You need answers to all those questions to validate the profile of a future associate

The image on social networks

A social media survey is always a good idea to find out if your potential partner has any activities, affiliations that does not correspond to your values and ethics.
A private investigator agency will assist you to go more in depth on those matters, but always in compliance with the laws( no Facebook account hacking for example).

But beware, a background check of your potential future partner cannot be exhaustive, and the role of the detective is investigate and to validate all the issues that can help you to go on with your project.

The information that is on social networks is to be taken with hindsight but nevertheless gives a certain image of the future partner that he cannot ignore. Finally, trust your instincts, listen to the comments of your loved ones, ask for help from an investigation professional, but above all in the end, make the decision alone!

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