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Real estate – Validation of a tenant application

Avoid a waste of time and money to validate an application for a property rental: do not hesitate to call a private investigators

A decision from a court of Justice in the city of Vannes against a bad tenant gave a sentance , 4 months in prison and 2500 € for moral damage to the owner!

When a landlord is looking to rent a property, he often put an advert on specialized sites and then receives many contacts. Once the visit has been made, the owner must choose his tenant from the various applications submitted. Real detective work must be done to avoid future disappointments.

More and more falsified records

Some future tenants do not hesitate to falsify documents needed for the application themselves.

Forgered pay slips, modified tax slips, false employment contracts, imaginary guarantors or counterfeit rent receipts, this is what landlords can potentially face.
Illegal networks also sell forgered files. It is then very difficult to prove fault.

The owner can himself investigate and carry basic checks in to detect the inconsistencies of a falsified file. But very often, this is enough to identify elements of an attempted fraud.

However, if the file has been very well falsified, he can very quickly find himself unable to detect the file inconsistencies.

The scammer, once officially in the apartment, usually pays one or two months’ rent, then starts paying late, and then…nothing at all!

This is why calling a private detective to validate the application may be the right decision.

In case of an attempted fraud , the owner may file a complaint based on the information collected. Our investigation firm specializes in this type of verification with a step by step methodology.

Compare to what it could cost to the owner if if does rent his property to a bad tenant : Unpaid rent , attorney fees, bailiffs cost solliciting the assistance of a private detective is way more profitable.

Also even if a bad tenant will be expell from the property, the unpaid rent and damages will never be recovered most of the time, because the tenant is unsolvent.

The judicial system will protect Landlords

Many owners find themselves caught by the throat, having to repay loans with tenants who no longer pay their rents. It is then better for the detective to search for inconsistencies and bring evidences to the owner , rather than waiting for the situation to degenerate and last for months even years.

In the case of the court decision rendered in Vannes, the tenant was prosecuted for forgery, the criminal sanction was beyond the request of the prosecutor. He had falsified his payslips and was no longer paying his rent. He even faked his mother’s death!

Analyse de dossiers locataires

Basic tips to validate the application

  • Ask for as many documents as possible from the beginning . Especially the original identity papers (identity card or passport). You can then quickly check if you are dealing with a fake by comparing the document for example, with your ID documents.


    Check the person’s income. Pay slips must be consistent in both content and form. A quick Google search of the company will show if it the company actually exists.


    Check the tax notice. An interesting tool, put in place by the government, makes it possible to validate if a tenant has faked his tax sheet. See the direct link below:

Owners have what is known as a duty of care. Indeed, in the event that they have subscribed to the guarantee of unpaid rents, the insurer could not pay the rents on the pretext that the lessor was not vigilant enough in the face of the falsified file. At that time, it is the double penalty for the owner because no compensation is possible.

Detectives specializing in this type of verification

If you have neither the time nor the inclination to carry out these basics checks in of a tenant application yourself, or if you do not feel to possess the skills to do so either, you have the option of calling a professionnal investigator.

Our detective agency will then carry out this investigation work in your place or in support. Do not hesitate to consult our prices in this area.

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