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Criminal counter investigation

What is a criminal counter investigation?

During a criminal judicial procedure, the justice investigates for and against the defendant. The goal is to find the culprit and close the current investigation. For this, the Court relies on the research and conclusions of the police, witnesses, and other stakeholders. It is possible that an individual will be wrongfully condemned or at the opposite found not guilty , and the case is dismissed. In either case, the defendant has the possibility of hiring a private detective to carry out a criminal counter-investigation to review the entire file and the circumstances. By proceeding that way and bring new elements to the case to exonerate him. The criminal counter-investigation may be carried out after the conclusion of an investigation or after a judgment.

Who has the right to initiate a counter investigation?

The criminal counter-investigation is generally requested by the person indicted or convicted defendant, but also at the request of the plaintif. The family of the defendant can also initiate an investigation if they believe that is necessary.

What are the methods used by a private detective to search for new elements in a criminal counter investigation?

As part of a criminal counter-investigation, the private detective will look for missing or hidden elements during the case investigation. Its investigations can be focused on an administrative inquiry, the search for new witnesses, the collection and verification of testimonies, the performance of new hearings, the analysis of clues, the verification of all the elements of the file (with the purpose to find inconsistencies), reviewing the circumstances, and search for new elements.

Why calling on a private investigator in a criminal counter investigation?

The intervention of a private detective in criminal counter-investigation can allow the party authorized to do so to establish the falsity or insufficiency of the testimonies which have already been received at the request of his adversary. The private investigator’s investigation report may bring new elements to the case and definitively exonerating the convicted or charged individual or even of contesting a decision to dismiss the case. Thus, by providing new evidence, the accused may request the reopening of an investigation or the holding of a new judgment.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator in the search of new elements in a criminal counter investigation?

Each situation is unique, the cost will vary depending on the time spent and the means used. Before signing a mandate, we will submit an estimate tailored to your needs and goals. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. Our team of detectives are always available.


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