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Getting organized to file a complaint

Why getting organized to file a complaint?

Filing a complaint allows a person to inform the courts that an offense has been committed and claiming to be a victim. The prosecution may lead to a condemnation of the perpetrator. The victim can bring a civil action if he wishes to obtain compensation for his prejudice (damages). In this case, criminal evidence is therefore essential for the victim filing a complaint. It is up to him to collect the receivable proof(s). It must provide the element establishing the facts, or the intention that an individual had to commit a criminal offence. Consequently, it is preferable to compile a strong file by relying on the services of a private investigator to make sure that the complaint is receivable and will not be dismissed.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation to prepare a file for filing a complaint?

Any victim who considers himself injured by a crime or misdemeanor, whether he is a person or a company , can call on a private detective to help him in the compiling of a file for the preparation of filing a complaint in order to protect its interests.

What are the methods used by a private investigator to compile a file for filing a complaint?

The private investigator can implement all the necessary means to collect evidence in order to compile a file to complaint against a third party. Thus, the private investigator may, for example, carry out administrative investigations, surveillance or tailing services in order to identify the person(s) responsible for the offense and to highlight the nature of the crimes.

Why calling on a private detective to assist in compiling a file to file a complaint?

The intervention of the private detective to prepare the filing of a complaint will eventually identify the perpetrator(s) of the offense and avoid filing a complaint against an unknown person . The work of the private detective will help the victim to file for legal action. Based on the evidences brought by the detective, the victim will be protected from a possible complaint for slanderous denunciation from the defendant.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator to investigate for preparing a file in preparation of filing a complaint?

In this type of file, each situation being unique, we are proceeding on a case-by-case basis. The cost varies according to the complexity of the mission and the investigations implemented. Do not hesitate to contact our agency to obtain a full detailed and accurate estimate that will be tailored to your needs and budget.


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