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What is disorganization?

Disorganization, or more precisely the diversion of customers, is a dishonest process towards one or more competing companies. This process has the goal to capture the customers from another company. Disorganization can, for example, take the form of poaching employees, misappropriating customers or disclosing a secret.

This process leads to unfair competition which can be provoked by one or more employees, a former employee, a partner, or a direct competitor. We also find parasitism, denigration and imitation.

Disorganization can lead to the internal weakening of a company and harm its activity. Thus, the consequences will be harmful for the latter in terms of turnover.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation to bring in a private detective in the event of disruption?

Any company suffering from an act of unfair competition can carry out this
type of investigation.

What are the methods of intervention used by a detective in a case related to disorganization?

A private detective will intervene to collect evidence or information that will prove the malicious facts as well as the wrongdoing. The detective will be able to organize surveillance, tailing or even dispatching an agent inside the company.

The term infiltration is often considered as a bad initiative . In reality, for a company, it is often a good choice. An infiltration inside a company is the action of having an investigator going physically a company in order to see what is happening there in a discreet manner. The goal is not to spy on employees, but to detect fraudulent acts that could be considered act of unfair competition.

Why hiring a private detective to search for evidence in order to build a file?

Calling on a private detective will be profitable, especially if the company that mandates the agency operates in a strategic and sensitive sector. The private detective is under the obligation ruled by his code of ethics to keep everything strictly confidential. He is the only professional in the field of law authorized to act “without stating his title or revealing the purpose of his mission”. His intervention will make it possible to materialize the facts during the compiling of an investigation report. By collecting the relevant evidence, it could be used directly in front of the competent court. In collaboration with the client and his lawyer, the private detective plays a strategic role in order to carry out the mission.

How much does the intervention of a detective cost?

Hiring a private investigator can be particularly lucrative for professionals working in strategic and sensitive areas. We can offer packages for this type of investigations . Do not hesitate to contact us, we will establish a free estimate.


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