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Customer poaching

What is customer poaching?

Customer diversion is defined as a process that unfairly attracts part of a company’s customers. This unfair process can be committed by present , former employee, or even by a third party company. This common practice will create unfair competition, more precisely disorganization.

Typically, the most common forms of customer diversion can be a salesperson taking advantage of their relationship with customers to capture them for their own benefit; breach of trust relating to the change of supplier not wanted by the client ; or the misappropriation of clients files.

Who can start an investigation on a customer diversion's case?

Any business manager or employer who has doubts about one of his employees, subcontractors, or competitors carrying out customer misappropriation with his customers has the right to initiate an investigation. This investigation will always be carried out in a fair and proportionate manner.

How can a private investigator intervene on a customer diversion case?

Different ways will be used by the private investigator. Field investigations with surveillance and tailing may be set up in order to collect informations and therefore protect our clients ‘s interests . An administrative investigation will also be carried out if relevant.

Why calling on a detective to search for evidence and compile a file in a customer diversion case?

The intervention of the private detective will make it possible to collect evidences and proof. They can be used directly in a litigation or to justify, for example, a request for an order on request or the intervention of a bailiff to compile the facts before they could disappear.

The intervention of a private detective will therefore allow the client to stop those malicious acts of clients misappropriation and to obtain compensation for the financial and personal damage suffered.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator in a case of customer diversion with a violation of labor laws?

Hiring a private detective in such a case is not expensive compare to the potential damage a company or individual will incur . The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to carry out the investigation . The price will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Each case is different and will be studied very carefully before submitting an estimate. We can also offer all included packages on those type of cases.

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