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Data recovery

What is computer data recovery?

Data recovery is a procedure whose main goal is to recover lost computer data as a result of human error, hardware failure, software program ,operating system failure . The of data recovery varies tremendously , from just a routine task or on the contrary, a real technological challenge.

The most common data recovery scenarios are due to operating system failure, storage device malfunction, failure of storage devices, or accidental damage.

Computer data loss will imply different issues depending on the nature of the missing files and the context of their usage. Thus, an individual may lose data with a sentimental value (photos, videos). A company losing data may be financially impacted. Data recovery also occurs in the world of intelligence where certain damaged data can provide valuable information within the context of the fight against terrorism or counter-intelligence.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation?

Any individual or company who has lost computer data can initiate this investigation.

How can a private investigator intervene in a case related to the recovery of data?

The private detective will proceed methodically to perform the data recovery. He will first repair the hard drive, SSD drive or USB drive using hardware solutions. Subsequently, it will establish the bit-by-bit copy of the content of the medium support. This step uses either a hardware solution or a software solution. Depending on the “medium”, some options will be more effective than others. He will then recovered the data using software and take care of restoring the corrupt or unusable files. This last phase is done by hand or using software.

Why hiring a private detective?

After recovering the data, the private detective will be able to distinguish software and hardware failures and thus provide a solution. In the event of data theft and hacking, the intervention of the private detective will make it possible to validate the facts before compiling an investigation report. By collecting the relevant evidences, that may be used directly in front of the competent court of law The private detective must follow the rules of the ethic code and keep everything confidential.

How much cost the services of a detective?

Hiring a private investigators has a relatively low cost compare to the potential damage. The cost will depend on the time spent and the means implemented to investigate. The price will be set up on a case-by-case basis. Each file is different and your case will be reviewed with great attention . We offer packages on a regular basis for those type of interventions.

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