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What is a spyware?

Spyware is software that stealthily infiltrates your computer to spy, control, monitor, record your activity, and transmit information to third parties. It can log websites you visit, files you download, your location, emails, contacts, payment information, or even account passwords.

This type of software is devious and knows how to conceal itself perfectly. Usually it runs in the background as a program in internal memory. It may even take on the appearance of an innocent file that is an essential part of your operating system.

Spyware can be installed on any device: PC, laptop, tablet, iPhone or smartphone. Initially, spyware perpetrators focused on computers. But today, there are spyware that take advantage of vulnerabilities in smartphones, iPhones and even tablets.

Who can initiate an investigation in a spyware case?

Anyone, businesses or an individual being hacked can initiate this type of investigation.

What are the methods used by the private investigator in a spyware case?

There are many types of malicious spyware that are meant to monitor and collect different types of information. Some software are harmless and just want to track your online behavior to send advertising agencies . However, sometimes others are tracking your contacts or your geographic location, or even steal your banking identification and passwords.

The private detective will analyze the hardware, trying to spot any evidence of installed spyware. You should be alert when you are in a situation of increasing hardware slowdown, unwanted advertisements, new search engines, very fast battery drain, connection problems, unusual increase in bandwidth ( refers to the maximum of data your connection can handle at any moment also measured as Mbps).

The private investigator will report the level of security for the device suspected of being hacked and analyze the processes and services using virus scanning software, malware keyloggers, etc.

After spotting the signs of spyware, the private detective will use a detection program.

Why hiring a private investigator to gather evidences and compile a file in a spyware case?

If the private detective discovers traces of malicious acts, he will try to trace the IP addresses of the perpetrators. He will then validate the evidence obtained in an investigation report which will then presented to the courts. The investigator can also intervene with a bailiff in order to validate the presence of the software and to certify the veracity of the elements collected.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator in a spyware case?

Hiring a private investigator will always be less costly than the damages and prejudice that a malicious spyware will cause.

The cost of the intervention will depend on the time spent investigating along with the material resources used. We usually work on a flat fee rate basis on those cases.

Do not hesitate to contact our agency, after reviewing your case we will submit to your attention a detailed estimate.


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