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Divorce at fault is not only a matter of adultery and infidelity

The number of separations has exploded in France since year 2000.
It is estimated that the number of divorce in France is more than 120 000 per year.
Most separations are based on a mutual consent basis, but it happens than one of the two spouses is forced to seek a divorce on the ground of fault.

What is divorce at fault?

Divorce at fault is a case that has to be confirmed by a judge . This will happen when one of the member of the couple does violate the duties and obligation of marriage .
Infedility is the main cause today but other factors may be responsible.

Example of fault:

  • To forge a signature
  • Psychological harassment
  • Psychological violence and physical abuse against the spouse
  • Physical abuse and psychological harassment against the children
  • Leave the marital home
  • Not contributing to the family living expenses

A marriage is a protected fundamental freedom but the individual has the right to terminate the bonds of marriage in the event of a fault based case.

The role of a private investigator in the case of a divorce at fault

The detective will be able to collect tangible and concrete evidence that will proove that a fault was comitted intentionally.

Divorce pour faute

The evidence that he will gather will enable one of the two spouses to present it in front of a judge.

The purpose to proove a divorce at fault

If divorces based on a mutual understanding are the most common cases and also the faster and less expensive cases. A divorce at fault will present several interests:

  • Moral interest: It will confort one of the spouse that the divorce was the right decision based on ethics and values.
  • Financial interest: Issues like properties sharing, debts, alimony and child support, last name change, right to custody will be settled and the spouse at fault will be affected by the judgement.

Why hiring a private investigator?

In order to bring your case in front of a court, you will need evidences that will proove the wrong doing of the spouse.

The private investigator will collect the information and evidences in order to defend your interest in a legal procedure.

Complying with the legal means the detective will conduct:

  • Field survey
  • Spinning and monitoring
  • Research and collecting testimonials
Remise de rapport

The report issued by the detective at the end of the investigation is receivable in court. Do not hesitate to contact our agency for a free consultation and a quote.

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