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Establishing a marriage scam with the help of a private investigator

What is a "grey marriage"

When you are talking about marriage scam or an arrangement between two spouses, you have two types of cases :

Mariage blanc : Literally you can translate to «  white marriage » In that case the two spouses are accomplices and consenting. They marry so that one of the spouse can get a permanant resident card and later the citizenship.

Marriage gris : It does translate to «  gray marriage ». In those cases the situation is quiet different : One of the two spouses is the victim of romantic feeling . The victim is driven by feelings while the scammer is only motivated by self interest.

Sentiments amoureux

A person in love can easily become the victim of a manipulator . The only goal of the scammer is to take adavantage from the other person.

Quiet often it will be to obtain a residence permit valid for 10 years . Once the permit obtained the person will just don’t care any longer of his duties and obligations. The scammer will not participate in the financial expenses of the household and could have a double life maybe started before the marriage.

In some cases the scammer can also file a complaint for domestic violence in order to file for a divorce quicker , but not to annul the marriage.

The article 146 of the Civil Code that «  there is no marriage if there is no consent »
In other words it is very difficult to proove.

The private investigator will assist the victim to bring evidences that there was abuse and manipulation it could lead to an annulment procedure for gray marriage in front of court of law.

Mariage annulment

The procedure is complex and long and it requires the service of a lawyer .
A judge will need real and tangible informations and on those specific cases he will be more careful to the evidences provided.

Annuled marriage will carry on greater consequences for the scammer.

The marriage will be considered to never have existed , the donations made will be returned and the french nationality will be withdrawn from the scammer.

Palais de justice

Divorce for fault

This is the difference between a divorce based on fault which will result in the dissolution of the marriage but not the annulment.

The victim of a gray marriage may consider to file for fault based divorce .
It will not annul the marriage but it could be a solution in a sense that it will be a faster procedure.

It will require the intervention of a lawyer . However the scammer will always keep the french nationality and may benefit from an alimony.

In order to avoid more dissapointements a private investigator will assist you in order to gather relevant evidences to obtain the dissolution of the marriage for faults of the other spouse.

Before getting married:

You can sollicitate a prenuptial investigation in order to avoid serious consequences for both parties.

Annulment of marriage or divorce at fault our agency will remain at your disposal to advise you and assist you.

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