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Prenuptial investigation

What is the prenuptial or premarital investigation?

A prenuptial or premarital investigation is carried out before the union between two people. This will make it it possible to obtain information about a future spouse before marrying him/her. This type of investigation can also apply to a civil union call PACS.

Who has the right to initiate a prenuptial or premarital investigation?

Anyone can initiate a prenuptial investigation. One of the future spouses can initiate it or the parents of one of the future spouses.

What are the methods used by a detective in a prenuptial investigation?

The private detective will use the means to remove the doubts on the bride or the groom. The investigation will then take into account the past, the datings, and the financial net worth of the future spouse. The private detective will therefore set up field investigations and/or administrative investigations.

Why hire a private detective to handle a prenuptial investigation?

The private detective will be able, through a prenuptial investigation, may reveal hidden secrets on the future spouse, such as:

  • a secret romantic affair
  • debts
  • addiction to illicit substances or gambling
  • legal issues past and present.

The private investigator will definitly help his clients to get married with a full knowledge about the future spouse ‘s past to avoid surprises and complicated situations.

How much cost the intervention of a detective for a prenuptial investigation?

Each case is unique. It is necessary to study the case with great care before submitting a proposal.

The average cost for those type of investigations ranges from 600 and 1500 euros according to the verifications beeing undertaken and the investigations carried out.
However, keep in mind that this type of investigation can be considered as an investment . It will help to avoid putting yourself in a complicated situation : Emotionally and financially.

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