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Romance scam

What is a romance scam?

The romance scam is a romantic or friendly manipulation aimed at financially defrauding the victim. The manipulators are acting in a calculated manner to defraud the victim. This manipulation is very often carried out following contacts via a dating site or an application such as Tinder, Meetic, Say tomorrow etc. Social networks such as Instagram and Facebook can also be an access for romance scam.

Be careful, the scammer can also act directly without going through the internet. After meeting his victim in a location such as a bar or restaurant, he or she will seduce his target for the sole purpose of defrauding.

The scammer, with a strong power of persuasion, will establish a relationship of trust with his victim in order to extract money.

Who has the right to initiate a romance scam investigation?

Anyone feeling victimized by a scam of this nature can initiate an investigation with a private detective. In addition, a relative wishing to protect the potential victim can also sollicitate a private investigator in order to remove his doubts and suspicions.

What are the methods of intervention of a private detective in this type of fraud?

The private detective will act by implementing a real strategy of investigation. After having drawn up a complete analysis of the situation, he can, for example, carry out an investigation aimed at identifying potential false profiles from dating sites or applications. In addition, the detective will be able to provide you with advices adapted to your situation in order to avoid any disappointment.

A field invetigation may also be submitted in order to identify the potential manipulator, to collect testimonies from other victims, to check the marital status of the person, etc. Those precautions will only benefit you to avoid many disappointments.

Why hire a detective in the event of a romance scam?

In this kind of situation, calling on a private detective specializing in the search for evidences will have many benefits. Indeed, before committing yourself, doubts can be removed. The goal is to avoid fraud, both sentimental and financial. The manipulator can cause depression, even suicide, and bankruptcy to the victim. The private detective will help to prevent those situations this by protecting the potential victim.

In addition, the private investigator investigates in a legal manner and provides the client with a complete report. Calling on a professional will help the victim to “open their eyes”. The victim, very often on a blind trust, does not always listen to the advices of friends and relatives. In this case, the intervention of a qualified private investigator may be necessary.

How much does the intervention of a private detective on those cases cost?

The cost of the intervention will depend on the investigation carried out. Each situation being unique, we invite you to contact our professionals who will be able to provide you with a quote that meets your needs and goals.


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