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Environmental polution

What is environmental polution?

Environmental pollution is defined as degradation or alteration of the environment, generally linked to human activity, by direct or indirect diffusion of chemical, physical or biological substances which are potentially toxic for living organisms or which disturb in a more or less important the natural functioning of ecosystems.

Who has the right to launch an investigation on an enviromental polution case?

Anyone noticing an offense of environmental pollution, such as water pollution or the destruction of protected species, may initiate an investigation by a private detective.

Environmental defense associations can also request a private detective to bring to light facts of environmental pollution.

What are the means implemented by a private investigator in an environmental case?

The facts of environmental pollution can be very broad and take different forms, the investigation of the private detective will therefore be very personalized according to the facts.

The private detective may use all the means at his disposal to provide proof of the pollution and identify the perpetrators of the offence.

The means regularly used are site surveillance to highlight a repetition of the facts by the person who pollutes the environment.

Why calling on a private investigator in an environmental polution file?

Since the facts of environmental pollution are often observed after the commission of the facts, the identification of the perpetrators can be very complicated and the intervention of the detective is essential here to carry out the investigation.

This investigation will make it possible to support the request for intervention by a bailiff or police services specialized in environmental matters, in order to ascertain the facts in flagrante delicto.

The private detective’s report will also support legal action or provide concrete elements to an environmental protection association so that it can take legal action.

The purpose of this recourse to a private detective will therefore be to put an end to the actions and to repair the damage to the environment.

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