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What is an environmental nuisance?

The term nuisance is a degradation of the environment which does not have an ecological impact but which has the consequences of creating discomfort for the people who are affected from it.

Unlike pollution, nuisances do not affect the health or the environment.

However, the perception on the people affected by it is they are perceived, as negative for the environment.

An environmental nuisance could be, for example, a construction that will alter the view of the landscape or an industrial or agricultural fabrics that would release non-toxic but roten smells.

Whos has the right to initiate an investigation on an environmental nuisance case?

Anyone noticing an environmental nuisance can initiate an investigation with a private detective.

What are the methods that a private investigator will use in an environmental nuisance case?

The private detective will be able to implement all the means at his disposal depending on the file.

The intervention of the private detective will be adapted to the type of nuisance; he will be able to set up surveillance, neighborhood surveys or even administrative inquiries to proove the nuisance for the environment and identify its perpetrators.

Why calling on a private investigator to investigate on an environmental nuisance case?

The intervention of the private detective will make it possible to proove the nuisance and motivate a request for a bailiff’s intervention or to start a legal action.

The purpose of the detective’s work will be to therefore be to put an end at the activity that is a causing nuisance, like, canceling the construction of a building or a site.

The legal procedure will also allow to seek damages for pain and suffering.


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