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Dumping of waste

What is dumping of waste on a legal point of view?

Article R 541-77 from the Environmental Code, specifies « Dumping of waste » as an act of depositing, abandoning, throwing or dumping, in a public or private place, with the exception of designated spaces by the competent authorities in charge of waste management either : a vehicule wreck , garbage , waste, excreta, materials, liquids that could pose a health hazard problems or any other object , that have been transported using a vehicle, except by the person having the usage of the space or with his authorization. »

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on a dumping of waste case?

Anyone observing a dumping of waste or illegal disposal, materials, garbage in a prohibited area can solicitate the assistance of a private investigators. Environmental defense associations can also hire a private detective to bring to light acts of illegal dumping.

What are the private detective methods in an illegal dumping case?

A private detective will be able to put in place different means depending on the information transmitted to him.

Indeed, if an individual or a person, who broke the law has been identified, the private detective will be able to set up surveillance and tailing the subject to observe if the perpetrator does repeat the facts.

If the space is beeing used frequently for waste dumping, the private investigator can also put under surveillance the zone to identify the violators.

Why calling on a private investigator in a waste dumping file?

The identification of the perpetrators of illegal dumping can be very complicated and the assistance of a private investigator is essential to carry out the investigation.

This investigation will motivate the request of a bailiff and the intervention of the police services specialized in environmental law enforcement to observe an obvious violation of the law.

The private detective’s report will also support legal action or provide relevant elements to an environmental protection association so that it can take legal action.

The intervention of the detective will put an end to the violations and help to preserve the environment.


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