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Illegal dumping

What is illegal dumping?

The term “wild deposit” tends to qualify a place not dedicated for throwing garbage, which over time has become a real recurring waste dumping area.

Those violations are commited by individuals as well as companies in places usually outside city limits. Wasteland, forest, or even close to a water point, the consequences have a direct effect on the quality of life of the environment and its citizens. Nature is damaged, biodiversity is degraded and public health reduced to nothing.

Who can start an investigation on an illegal,dumping case?

Anyone can conduct this kind of investigation. A municipality, a mayor, a citizen or even a company.

How can a private investigator intervene in an illegal dumping case?

Different ways will be used by the private investigator. Field investigations with surveillance and tailing may be set up in order to collect informations and therefore protect our clients ‘s interests.

Why calling on a private detective to search for vidences on an illegal dumping case?

On cases of unauthorized waste dumping, the private detective is totally competent and trained. He will implement strategies, observes the locations used for illegal waste disposal and identifies perpetrators. He will materialize the facts and evidences through findings, photographs and videos compiled in a detailed investigation report receivable in front of a court of law.

There are many reasons to use the services of a private investigator:

  • Fight against pollution,
  • Identify the violators,
  • Prevent perpetrators from carrying out these maneuvers that are degrading the environment.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator on an illegal dumping case?

Hiring a private detective in such a case is not expensive compare to the potential damage a company will incur . The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to carry out the investigation . The price will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Each case is different and will be studied very carefully before submitting an estimate
We can also offer all included packages on those type of cases.

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