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Undeclared work

What is undeclared work?

Undeclared work or « working under the table » according to the Labor Code, is:

  • total or partial concealment of an activity (article L. 8221-3 of the Labor Code);
  • total or partial concealment of a salaried employment (article L8221-5 of the Labor Code).

Work dissimulation affects all public and private activities. The loss generated by this fraud represents 11% of GDP, or nearly 25 billion euros in damage to tax revenue (in France).

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on an undeclared work file?

A government or local administration, a company or an individual who has reasons to believe that directly a case of work dissimulation caused them prejudice can call on the services of a private detective to protect their interests.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in an undeclared work file?

The private detective can intervene in a situation of an undeclared work suspicion by implementing strategic means such as : administrative investigations, field investigations. The investigator will always investigate methodically with full compliance to the law. He will be able to highlight for example the case of an employee beeing on sick leave working on the side or failure for an employer to report to the administration in charge of social benefit , employees that do work, or even reveal a situation of unfair competition. by non-declaration of employees working.

A company that does not report its employee will have an edge over its competitors because it will not pay social security or workman’s compensation taxes.

Why calling on a private investigator on an undeclared work file?

An investigation conducted in strict compliance with the legislation in force, particularly in terms of privacy, will lead to legitimate legal action by the injured person or the company. Thus, an employer who has suffered direct damage due to proven acts of undeclared work may, thanks to the report of the private investigator, request the regularization of his situation from the Labor Court and possibly claim a lump sum compensation . The employee, meanwhile, may be subject to tax adjustment and criminal penalties.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator on an undeclared work case?

Calling on a detective firm to prove concealed work requires a budget . This cost is generally between 1000 and 3000 euros excluding tax. This is a long-term investment that will benefit to the employer.

Each case being unique, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide review and analyze your case and provide you with a detailed and accurate code tailored to your needs and budget.


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