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Preparation of bailiff’s report

What is the bailiff's report?

The report drawn up by a bailiff is a form of proof that can be adopted by individuals at any time and in many situations. It makes it possible to obtain material elements in order to establish or restore the truth about a particular situation. The findings of the bailiff may be receivable and thus used in a dispute in front of the competent court of law This process is therefore a method to validate proof intended to confer a legal value on facts.

The bailiff’s report does materialize through a certified statement which will materialize the facts and evidences found.

Who has the right to solicitate a bailiff?

Any person, whether an individual or a professional, can request the report of a bailiff. This report can be made on simple request, before a trial , on a precautionary or probationary basis. A judge can also request the intervention of a bailiff during legal proceedings.

Why call on a private detective as part of a bailiff's report preparation?

The private detective and the judicial officer( bailiff) do collaborate like an association. One will conduct the investigations while the other will report and validate the facts.

Thus, the private detective can facilitate and accelerate the preparation of the bailiff’s report by conducting the investigation upstream. This work of investigation will help the judicial officer to make his report and validate the facts on the most appropriate day. The private party will observe and report make sure that the persons of interest are present on the specific day. and ensure the presence of the right people on site for the arrest of the bailiff. This «  partnership » between the two professions will bring better results.

What are the methods of intervention used by the detective?

The private detective will carry out in depth field investigation . He will thus be able to set up tailing and surveillance, locate an individual, carry out computer investigations and obtain testimonies which will be used to write the report. This extensive investigation and research work will allow the bailiff to go to the site( residence, offices, building etc) on the right day.

How much does a private detective cost?

Hiring a private investigator will be less costly than the potential damages you may or will face . The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to to investigate. The price will be quantified on a case-by-case basis. Each file being unique, we will provide you with an estimate tailored to your goals and budget. We offer packages on a regular basis for this type of service.

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