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Stolen merchandise

What is a suspicion on stolen merchandise ?

Theft is an offense which can be classified as criminal if it is an aggravated theft committed with aggravating circumstances.

Theft is defined by the Penal Code in article 311-1: “Theft is the fraudulent removal of another person’s property”.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on a stolen merchandise case ?

Any professional believing that they have been the victim of theft of goods or merchandises can initiate an investigation with a private detective.

What are the methods used by a private investigator on stolen merchandise case ?

The private detective will be able to set up various methods adapted to the case: an administrative investigation, hearings, surveillance, tailing services, and if necessary to go undercover in the workplace with the client’s agreement with all respect of the employees personal freedom.

Why calling on a private detective to search for evidences on a stolen goods or merchandise case ?

Soliciting a private investigator in a case of stolen goods will make it possible to prove with certainty the characterized theft, to know the identity of the perpetrator(s) and any accomplices, to determine the method used by the author of the theft, possibly identifying the storage of the stolen goods, and if necessary to find the network of receivers benefiting from the stolen goods. The detective will also advice the victim to prevent theft.

The report of the private detective will make it possible to prove the theft and may allow the company to stop the thefts. The company may sanction the author(s) of the theft by termination of the employee if it is an internal theft of goods. Criminal proceedings, with a strong case and clear explanations , may also be initiated.

It should be noted that in the case of an employee dismissal for serious misconduct, the employer will be protected from a possible legal action from his employee who could try to bring to justice a wrongful dismissal.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator to search for evidences on a stolen merchandise file ?

The cost of the intervention will depend on the strategy chosen at the beginning . The tailing services are based on a hourly rate and the logistical support Do not hesitate to contact our branch manager, Anthony CAUDAL, to obtain a detailed quote adapted to your needs and goals.


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