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Unfair competition

What is unfair competition?

Unfair competition is an action when a company is using techniques and commercial practices considered as abusive that will hurt competitors. It is important to be aware that a technique or a practice can be considered unfair even if it is not intentional.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation in a case of unfair competition?

The director of a company can initiate at any time an investigation if he has reasons to believe that his firm has been the victim of unfair competition.

What are the type of investigations that a detective will conduct in an unfair competition case?

In order to provide evidences on an unfair competition file, the private investigator can conduct several types of investigations. Initially, an administrative investigation may be carried out in order to identify who are the malicious competitors . Second a field investigations can be set up: Tailing , surveillance and collection of testimonies. The private detective always investigate using legal means He holds an administrative authorization , which will allow his client to use the evidences collected in front of the competent court of law.

Why hire a private investigator to handle an investigation in an unfair cometition case?

The benefit of hiring a detective in a case of unfair competition is above all to bring enough proof to a judge that will impose fines and criminal convictions . The evidence provided will be establish an unfair competition case or and order request in front of a judge . The private detective’s investigation in some cases may trigger a criminal investigation.

How much does the intervention of a detective costs on an unfair competition case?

Each case is different . The rates are fixed according to the time spent and the characteristics of each file.

For your information, we generally propose packages « all included » . If the time spent for a case only takes a few hours , the agency will charge by the hour (80€ HT).
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