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Trademark and patent

What are a trademark and a patent?

The purpose of a patent is to protect an invention. It therefore gives sole paternity to the inventor . The patent allows the creator to be the only one entitled to exploit his invention and to be able to benefit from it. A patent is valid for 20 years.

The trademark identifies products and services. It corresponds to a sign, a symbol, a word, a sentence or even a slogan. The role of a trademark is to protect the products and services associated with it.

To sum up, the trademark and the patent are both means of protection of intellectual or industrial property.

However, some companies are victims of of unfair competition. We are talking about confusion. This act is intended to get the customers confused and alter their perception towards a company. For this, the competitor uses the same elements or similar details, such as imitation of the commercial name, brand, sign, advertising messages of a competitor or imitating the models of its products. This will lead to counterfeiting.

Who can start an investigation in a case of a patent or trademark violation?

Any company or person who is the victim of a trademark or patent violation has the right to start this type of investigation.

What are the options of a private investigator in a case of a trademark or patent violation?

Due to a large number of complaints in such cases , public administration will not act immediately. This is why hiring the services of a private investigator is strongly advised

A private investigators will use different strategies to intervene. Field investigations with surveillance and and tailing may be used to collect proof and evidences and therefore defend its clients interest. If useful an administrative investigation will be carried out.

Why calling on a private investigator to search for proof in a case of a trademark or patent violation?

The intervention of the private detective will allow you to find relevant material elements .Evidences will be collected, and could be used directly in front of the competent court of law. His investigation will help you to protect your rights.

How much cost the intervention of a detective on a trademark or patent violation?

Hiring a private detective in such a case is not expensive compare to the potential damage a company will incur . The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to carry out the investigation . The price will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Each case is different and will be studied very carefully before submitting an estimate. We can also offer all included packages on those type of cases.

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