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Secret shopper

What is a secret shopper?

A mystery shopper is an individual who will intervene anonymously and discreetly within a retail store, franchises, businesses and play the role of an ordinary customer. The mystery shopper will always act in a natural way to avoid beeing spotted and preserve his anonymity. This is a real investigative mission that requires skills and professionalism.

Who can solicitate a private invetigator agency in a mystery shopper mission?

Franchised retailers and businesses owners can call on a detective to act as a mystery shopper within their company or a competitor premises.

What are the methods used in secret shopper mission?

The mystery shopper will intervene in various ways. In the majority of cases, he will directly to the place of the investigation with a specific script prepared in advance. The mystery shopper is above all a shopper who must show discretion and imagination. Indeed, he can be called upon to play different roles, like a retiree, a complaining and demanding customer, a student, a job seeker…. He must be able to adapt himself in order not to raise suspicion and avoid being spoted.

The private detective can also intervene as a mystery shopper in other environments like telephone calls, emails or through social networks.

Whatever the modus operandi chosen, the facts will be listed in a detailed report thus making it possible to draw up an observation without filter and objective.

Why calling on a private investigator for a mystery shopper mission?

Although it may seem simple and diverting task , being a mystery shopper cannot be improvised. It is necessary to call on a professional who will be able to set up a real investigation technique.

The brand or the company that hires a mystery shopper will reap many benefits. Indeed, this unannounced visit will allow, for example, to evaluate the quality of a commercial or customer services offered or evaluate the results of a training carried out. Thus, by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the company, adjustments can be made internally to increase customer satisfaction and future profits.

A franchise can also solicitate a mystery shopper to check that its specifications and rules are respected. The mystery shopper will also be able to ensure that the terms of a commercial partnership are fully respected.

In addition, the mystery shopper can go check if competitors do follow all the rules and regulations.

It is important to know that a private investigator is licensed and authorized by the government . He intervenes with full respect of the law “without stating his quality or revealing the purpose of his mission”. At the end of his investigation, he will write a report that can be used in court of law.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator agency in a secret shopper mission?

The cost varies according to the mission and the scenarios elaborated. The intervention can be occasional or on a regular basis depending on the identified needs. This is why we advise you to call our agency in order to obtain a precise quote that will best suit your goals and budget . Flat fee package rates are usually offered.


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