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Non competition agreement

What is a non competition agreement?

The non-competition agreement is a clause included in an employment contract. Its purpose is to limit the possibility of an employee after termination of his contract , to exercice the same job with its reponsabilities and functions working with a competitor or as a self employed for a fixed period within a specific geographical area.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on a case that violates a non-competition clause?

Any employer who has doubts about not respecting a non-competition clause by one of his former employee has the right to launch an investigation. This investigation will always be carried out with the respect of all the codes of ethics and legal procedures.

What are the methods of intervention used by a detective in a case of violating a non-competition clause?

The private detective can intervene in several ways. Field surveys with surveillance and tailing may be set up in order to observe and report . An administrative investigation may also be carried out if this could be useful.

Why using a private investigator to prove the violation of a non-competition clause?

The intervention of the private detective will enable to collect evidence for non-compliance with the non-competition clause. This evidence may be directly used in a litigation or to justify, for example : A demand for an order on request or the intervention of a bailiff to find evidences to prevent any concealment.

The intervention of a private detective will definitely allow you to stop those malicious acts of unfair competition and to obtain financial compensation.

What is the cost for the intervention of a detective in a case of violation of a non competition clause?

The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to carry out the investigation . Each file being specific, we will analyse with special attention your case and decide on a strategy to give you an accurate quote at the best competitive rates. We do also offer all inclusive packages.


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