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What is counterfeit?

Counterfeiting is the total or partial reproduction, imitation or use of a trademark, design, patent, software or copyright, without the authorization of its owner, asserting or implying that the copy is authentic.

Who can initiate an investigation on a counterfeit case ito bring the case to justice?

The holder of an intellectual property right, whether artistic, literary or industrial, believing that he is the victim of counterfeiting can call on a private detective to protect and defend his interests.

What are the methods of investigation of a private investigator in a counterfeit  case?

Companies that have been victims of counterfeiting can call on a private detective in order to assist in the criminal or civil request . Our professional report will bring all the elements that will compile your file. We will thus provide you with solid evidence which will allow the observation of the offenses and which will greatly contribute to the resolution of the case.

Why hiring a private investigator in a couterfeit case?

In the case of a counterfeiting violation, two procedures can be considered: a civil procedure and a criminal procedure.

On the civil level, our investigation will help the victim to obtain financial compensation for the damage suffered. The counterfeiter will also be under an obligation to stop these criminal violations . He may undergo with the seizure or destruction of the counterfeit products.

On the criminal level, after validating the facts and gathering evidences , the counterfeiter will be liable to incur penalties. Thus, a financial fine and in some cases a prison sentence will be given by the court.

How much does cost the intervention of a detective in a counterfeit case?

The cost of the mission will depend on the strategy selected. Each investigation is unique, and we advise you to contact our agency. After reviewing your case we will submit to your attention a tailored made estimate. For this type of cases, we can work on a flat fee basis starting from 500 euros (sales tax may applied).


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