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Corporate theft

What is corporate theft?

Corporate theft is a violation of the law when an individual or a group of persons are using fraudulent means in taking material or intangible assets from their owner without his permission. Simple theft is classified as a misdeamenor , while aggravated theft, with aggravating circumstances, is a crime. Both of those offenses are punishable by law Corporate theft can be initiated from inside or outside the company.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation for alleged corporate theft?

Any employer who believes that he has suffered damage, whether moral and/or material, related to his company’s activity can hire a private detective in a case of an alleged theft inside the company.

How can a private investigator intervene to prove a theft inside a company?

The means of investigation used by the private investigator are diverse and various. The private detective will initially be able to carry out an administrative investigation. Secondly , he will be able to carry out surveillance inside the workplace, set up tailing , proceed with hearings, or even organize undercover operation inside the work premises to collect evidences and establish the material prejudice.

The private investigator report will allow a bailiff to summon for questioning and /or have draw up a report.

The information collected by the investigator can help to catch the thief(thieves) in the act with the collaboration of the police. The certified private detective will always intervene with full compliance of the law and professionalism.

Why use a private detective firm in the event of corporate theft?

The private detective is able to intervene with efficiency, discretion and over all in full compliance with the law in order to validate or remove doubts in a case of corporate theft or prosecute the perpetrators.

In the proven case of an employee responsible for a theft in a company, the report of the private detective will make it possible to establish the identity of the incriminated employee, know the origin and context as far as time and space of the theft as well as the operating mode used by the employee. The evidence provided by the private detective can be used by the employer to sanction the employee responsible for the violation with full compliance of the law. This can range from a simple warning to gross negligence and will justify termination. The employer will thus have all the relevant elements in his possession to initiate a potential procedure by denouncing the criminal or civil liability of the employee. He will thus be entitled to seek for damages if the employee intended to harm the company or his employer at the time of the violation.

How much does the intervention of a private detective cost to search for and gather proof and evidences and bring the case to justice?

In terms of corporate theft, the damage can be very significant. Calling on a team of qualified investigators will bring more benefits than the potential costs .After reviewing your case we will offer special packages. Do not hesitate to call our agency for more information.


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