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What is a debtor?

According to the code of civil law, a debtor is a person bound to another, called a creditor, to perform a service provision or or to make a payment to reimburse money owed to the beneficiary.

In theory to be able to initiate a procedure of seizure ,the debt obligation has to meet three features characteristics:

  • The debts has to to be valid and no contestable
  • it must be liquid, and have a cash value
  • it must be payable, and cannot be affected by a suspensive effect

Take note that when a debt is due to several creditors. The nature of their activity gives them priority according to the law to be paid first.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on a bad debtor case?

A creditor, individual or professional, can call on a private investigator to find a debtor that has to repay a debt payable and that cannot be contested

What are the methods used by a private investigator in a case of debtor search?

The private investigator can intervene using various means depending on the case. Field operations such as tailing or surveillance may be carried out. The investigator may also conduct an administrative investigation and researches to evaluate the solvency of the debtor.

Why hiring a private investigator on a bad debtor case?

The private investigator will both be able to identify and locate the debtor concerned and also conduct a solvency investigation to evaluate the debtor financial situation and identify his assets in order to proceed with the recovery of the debt ( depending on the debtor financial situation). The goal is to be able to seize the assets of the debtor.

What is the price for an investigation on a bad debtor case?

Standards investigations starts from €400 . Looking for a stranger on the run with police forces all over the world after him is definitely more challenging than looking after a bad tenant who left suddenly following a divorce or a job termination.
Do not hesitate to contact us . We will review and study your case with great attention and provide you with a quote that will meet your goals and budget.

Note : Our prices are subject to the French national sales tax: TVA. Exemption may applied.


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