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What is a scam?

A scam means a fraud or theft, that is to say the fact of obtaining something by a fraudulent maneuver. It can be data hacking on the internet, a scam at the vital card, tax refunds, fake bank adviser, NFT and cryptocurrency, civic service or even financial investments.

Fraud is punishable by 5 years imprisonment and a fine of €375,000. If the fraud was committed by an organized gang, the maximum penalties are a 10 years prison sentence and a fine of €1,000,000.

Who can initiate an investigation in scam case?

Any individual or company who has been the the victim of fraud has the right to initiate this type of investigation. This investigation will always be carried out with full respect of the ethic code and discretion. Since it is a criminal violation,searching for evidence and proofs , the search is more extensive.

What are the methods of intervention used by a detective in a scam case?

Several methodologies are available for the private detective to intervene. Field investigations with surveillance and tailing may be set up in order to collect the evidences and therefore defend the interest of the client . An administrative inquiry may also be initiated.

Why calling on a private investigator to search for relevant evidences to compile a file on a scam case?

The intervention of the private detective will validate the facts. By collecting the relevant evidence, the client will be able to bring the case to justice.

The intervention of a private detective will therefore allow you to identify the alleged perpetrator and repair the damage suffered.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator?

Hiring a private investigator will be always lower than the potential damages . The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to investigate the case . The price will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Each file being unique, we will review and analyse you case with great attention. We do offer packages and can work on flat fee basis.

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