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What is embezzlement?

Misappropriation of assets is a dishonest practice consisting in the misappropriation of a company’s assets for the benefit of a third party, legal or natural, without any compensation for the company which finds itself the victim of a misappropriation of its wealth.

Embezzlement can then take several forms, more or less complicated to detect and above all to prevent, such as the non-recording of operations in cash registers (sales and receipts of cash, withdrawal from stocks, etc.), the recording of fictitious transactions (recording of false invoices, etc.), forgeries (forgering a signature in order to be able to access control of making payment, etc.).

The main source of prejudice when it comes to fraud is embezzlement

Who can solicitate an investigation in an embezzlement case?

Managers, partners and other representatives of a corporation or any type of business can solicitate the services of a detective firm to prove misappropriation of assets within the company.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in an embezzlement case?

The main goal is to proove the facts, the method to be used are various. The investigator will conduct missions on the field by carrying out precise and targeted surveillance, by implementing scripts with mystery clients or by carrying out company infiltrations.

The detective can also act on the administrative level. To do this, he will analyze accounts, documents and investigate a suspicious enrichment of the suspected person or one of his close relative.

Why calling on a private investigator to collect relevant evidences in an embezzlement case?

It is difficult to locate and know the origin of a misappropriation of assets without calling on a private investigator. Fraud can take many forms, some are harder to detect than others. As a result, fraudulent maneuvers can be carried out directly in the sales process of a company. Ranging from non-registration of the sale to the registration of completely fictitious transactions, including forgeries, misappropriation of assets can go unnoticed and cost a company a tremendeous amount of money.

Embezzlement represents approximately 70% of internal fraud by companies in France.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator in an embezzlement case?

No set up fee on those cases, we work most of the time on a hourly basis.

Our hourly rate in in a monitoring or tailing mission :

  • From the 1th to the 20th hours : 80 € HT / hour.
  • From the 21th to the 30th hour of tailing or surveillance : 75 € HT / hour.
  • From the 31th hour of tailing or surveillance : 70 € HT / hour.

Our rates are hours are flat. No overcharge for night shift (between 21h00 and 6h00), week ends and public holidays.

Mileage expenses will be charged based on a departure from our agency address : 93 avenue Kléber – 75116 PARIS, but depending on the case or the location the satrting point may change. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free detailed estimate.


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