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Good faith investigation on a new business partner

What is a good faith investigation?

As its name suggests, a morality survey has the goal to check upon the good morals of an individual. The notion of “good morals” is a pretty vague and fluctuating notion written in article 6 of the Civil Code: “one cannot derogate, by special agreements, from the laws which concern public order and good morals”.

In summary, we consider that we are undertaking a morality investigation to ensure that we are dealing with a serious and trustworthy person.

Who has the right to initiate a good faith investigation on a future partner?

Professionals can hire a private detective to protect themselves by starting a morality investigation to verify the integrity of a future partner, employee or an important client.

What are the methods used by a private investigators to carry out a good faith investigation on a future associates?

The private investigator will intervene by carrying out in depth research based on the needs of the client and the situation. He will thus be able to carry out field investigations using surveillance or tailing An administrative investigation may also be carried out. It may also be interesting to initiate a credit standing investigation depending on the situation.

Why hiring a private investigator to collect relevant information on a future partner?

The intervention of a private detective in a morality investigation prior to a business partnership will make it possible either to confirm your doubts by providing relevant evidences, or to discover a side of your future associate that you would not have think about, or even to confort the client on the profile and background of his future partner.

The detective findings and report will help the client to take the right decision
Proceeding with an investigation on a future partner will always be an investment because it will protect you , your investment and avoid putting yourself in a complicated and costly situation.

What is the cost of a moral investigation on a futur assosciate?

The consequences of a bad association can be catastrophic for the future of a company. The cost is generally substantial, but the investment quickly pays off. If the partner is cleared, no problem, business is ready to roll on for a good start. If the new business associate is more questionable even untrustworthy ,knowing with you are dealing with will help not to start an association that will ultimately fail.

Each quote is set according to your needs and budget. Do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be able to assist you and provide you with an estimate.


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