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Arbitration proceedings

What is the arbitration procedure?

Arbitration is a procedure which aims to have a dispute settled, not by a judge, the authority in a country legal system , but by an independent and impartial private person , called a “sole arbitrator”, or a panel of three members, all independent and impartial, called “arbitrators”.

It should be noted that there are two types of arbitration procedures :

  • The “institutional” arbitration when it takes place under an institution which has its own arbitration rules and will make sure that the procedure will run smoothly.
  • The “ad hoc” arbitration when it takes place without the assistance of an arbitration institution.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation for the purpose of an arbitration procedure?

A private individual , a company under the rules of civil law , and exceptionnaly under public law, involved in a dispute may use the services of a private investigator to compile a file to negotiate in an arbitration procedure. This may help resolve the dispute.

What are the methods of intervention used by a detective in an arbitration procedure?

There are different ways to intervene for the private detective. Depending on the situation, field and/or administrative investigations can be carried out. The private detective always acts with respect to the law and legal procedures, on a case-by-case basis and the client goals.

Why soliciting a private investigator to prove that there is collusion or a conflict of interest in an arbitration?

The private investigator will assist to prove that the party’s whose right have been violated was the result of a conflict of interest by a body of evidence provided by his investigation. Indeed, the elements collected will make it possible to demonstrate particuraly the failure of the arbitrator’s obligation to disclose. This may lead to challenge the arbitrator, and possibly the cancelaltion of the ruling.

How much cost the intervention of a detective in an arbitration case?

Each case is specific ,and the rate will vary depending on its complexity.
Do not hesitate to contact us .Your case will be be analyzed systematically with great attention by Anthony CAUDAL, the director of Agora Detectives. On those type of files usually we propose all inclusive packages.


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