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Criminal record

What is a criminal record?

In terms of investigating criminal records, private detectives are not authorized to consult criminal records.

Only duly authorized persons have access to this secure data. Nevertheless, a great deal of information may be accessible in Open Sources and certain court decisions are rendered publicly.

Who can initiate an investigation in a background criminal case?

Individuals or companies can inquire within a legal framework in order to obtain evidence. For example, an investigator will be able to find information on a company that has already had trouble with the law, on a manager who often scams his partners or on a new ideal son-in-law who hides information on scams in which he is linked.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in a criminal background research case?

First of all, the private detective does not have the same possibilities as a police officer or a gendarmerie services, nor the same rights as a lawyer. The task of the investigator will consist in finding relevant elements by :

  • The search for legal justice and court accessible decisions.
  • The collection of testimonies.
  • Analysis of the press articles.

Why hiring a private investigator on a criminal background search case?

Hiring a private investigator to research a person’s criminal history can be very useful.

Indeed, this will allow for example to bring new elements in an ongoing or future trial, to be able to make good decisions before a business association or finally be reassured in case of serious doubts prior to a project union between two people.

How much does cost an investigation on criminal background search?

It all depends on the resources used to carry out the investigation.
This will be proportionate to the stakes, the time spent and the costs incurred.
As a general rule, we offer hourly packages : 20 hours of research and verifications for this type of file.

When we have to travel abroad, we will charge the travel expenses related to our investigations . We also have a network of investigators abroad who can assist us.


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