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Neighborhood disturbance

What is a neighborhood disturbance?

Relations with neighbors can sometimes be complicated, especially when they are disrespectful to those around them and they are violating the law.

Problems related to neighborhood disturbances can be repeated noise (leisure and professional activity), nuisances in terms of odors, real estate disputes or more serious conflicts. These problems can affect the quality of daily life.

These days, neighborhood disturbances are almost inevitable. You can’t blame the tenant upstairs for receiving visitors on Sunday evenings or his neighbor for gardening very early in the morning . But in some cases, neighborhood disturbance, voluntary or not, may be potential violation.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation in the event of a neighborhood disturbance?

If a complaint to the police or gendarmerie has not been successful, the use of a private detective is an efficiant measure. Thus, any person who is the victim of a neighborhood disturbance has the right to initiate this type of investigation.

What are the possibilities of intervention by a detective in a file relating to a neighborhood disturbance?

The private detective will intervene in order to observe the disturbances caused and to identify the perpetrators. He will be able to carry out surveillance by taking of photos and shooting videos. The private detective will validate the proof of the neighborhood disturbance and explore its origin. He can also coordinate the intervention of the police or gendarmerie services in order to catch the violators in the act . The investigator can also organize the intervention of a bailiff in order to build up his investigation report.

Why use a private detective to search for evidence in order to build a case for neighborhood disturbance?

If you are the victim of a neighborhood disturbance, the intervention of the private detective will make it possible to gather all the necessary evidence and materialize it in a legal manner. By collecting the necessary evidence, it can be used directly in litigation. The private detective’s investigation report will provide information on the origin of the disturbances: malicious acts, damage, moral harassment, noise or visual nuisance, etc.

In the event of a trial, the judge’s sanctions may vary. Indeed, the convicted person will be able to repair the damage caused financially or will have to take any kind of action aimed at repairing the damage. Thus, it is possible that the judge asks the neighbor to make his appartment or house soundproof , remove , destroy a structure or built it in accordance with the rules

How much does the intervention of a detective cost?

Calling on a private investigators will not be costly compare of the damage suffered. Your quality of life can be greatly improved following the intervention of a private investigator. The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to be able to investigate. Each file being unique and particular, we invite you to contact us in order to review your case. Our quotes, detailed and precise, are free.


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