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Dol in a property sale

What is a DOL in a real estate sale?

On article 1137 of the civil code a fraud is defined as being “the fact for a contracting party to obtain the consent of the other by using fraudulent maneuvers or lies”.

Fraud is therefore characterized when an element that determines the purchase is deliberately concealed by the seller.

Fraud may be sanctioned by the cancellation of the contract.

On the other hand, if the seller was not awared of effects at the time of the sale this will not be considered as a fraud and the real estate contract will not be suject to cancellation.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on a DOL real estate sale?

Any potential buyer has the right to initiate an investigation to look for a DOL in a real estate transaction.

How does a private investigator intervene in DOL real estate sale?

The private detective may, depending on the case, implement different means of investigation to identify elements that would constitute a DOL in a real estate transaction: a neighborhood survey or a survey of public services concerning building permits.

The investigation will help the potential buyer to have all the elements before buying a property.

Why calling on a private investigator in a DOL real estate sale?

The intervention of a private detective will therefore make it possible to highlight elements of which the potential buyer was not aware and which could have been omitted by the seller.

This investigation will help the future buyer to buy his property with the full knowledge of the potential nuisances, present and future around the property by highlighting, for example, the construction of a building blocking the view or the sun, the construction of a new business or a factory emitting noises or releasing chemical odors.

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